CE Approved and RISTI TELKOM Approved


Quality Assurance Test from Telkom Indonesia Tel.114/LB-200/RDC-23/2013

Has been found comply following specification (s) : STEL U-032-2012 Ver.1.0



Green And Energy Saving Product, State Of The Art Design

PASCAL RM Series Modular UPS System

10KVA to 200KVA Advanced Modular Design and Redundant Power  System

PASCAL RM Series is modular and online double conversion UPS  for sensitive equipments. The Power rating covers from 10kVA to 200kVA which  delivers the best of reliability, functionality, hot-swappable and flexibility  at a competitive price. It is designed specially for data centers, computer  systems or critical equipments. As the result of state of the art design, this  innovative and reliable power system absolutely commits to satisfy and meet the  market requirement.

PASCAL RM Series modular UPS combines the latest IGBT  three-level technology together with DSP control arithmetic. Along with high  input power factor, low THD  i and high system efficiency, this product achieves  very high load adaptability for all kinds of load. The modular design ensures  reliable and trouble free operation for the critical loads. Power expansion is  very easy to achieve by adding power modules to the system and reach 200kVA  power in single frame. It is possible to connect two frames in parallel in order  to reach maximum 400kVA.

Modular Construction  Design

Each power module is designed to be hot swappable which makes  the power expansion and system maintenance easily. Each module controlled  independently, thus avoiding single point failure risk. If any module fails or  disconnected, the system keeps continuing to operate and supply the power  without interruption. It ensures to provide high level of reliability and  protection.

Easy Operation And  Installation

This product offers flexibility to install that  reduces installation time. Consequently, it is very easy to maintain and control  that provides the highest reliability and best protection for supplying power.  With the large touch screen LCD panel, the user can easily access to the  information of the power module and the system.


Intelligent Battery  Management

Each UPS module builds in with super charger and  the power reaches 3200W. With 10 installed UPS modules, the total charging power  rating is up to 32KW. The charger is controlled b DSP with intelligent digital  arithmetic thus to prolong the life time the battery.


Intelligent Protection  System

All the power modules and the system are protected  simultaneously by the hardware and the software. All kinds of protection  functions are realized, including current and voltage abnormal, thermal  abnormal, short circuit, etc. The reliability of the power module and the system  reaches an incredible high level through all of these technologies.


High Reliability  Design

Integrated IGBT modules are used in the power  module. Comparing to discrete chips, system reliability and manufacturing  consistency are much improved. Low-loss integrated three-level IGBT modules help  to increase system efficiency. Meanwhile reliability is increased due to lower  temperature rising on IGBTs and heatsink. More chips need to be paralleled to  realize high current rating if using discrete IGBT chips. Clamped Diodes should  be placed around IGBTs which brings risk for voltage/current stress issues and  manufacturing process.

Additional Outstanding  Features

  • High input power factor (>0.99), low input THDi  (<3%).
  • Strong load adaptability for linear and nonlinear load.
  • Intelligent module and system protection design.
  • Incredible low noise system design.
  • Double DSP controller for individual power module.
  • Digital control for the whole parts including rectifier,  inverter, charger and discharger.
  • IGBT modules rather than discrete components are applied in  the power module.
  • Digital controlled independent charger, intelligent battery  management system.
  • Inbuilt switch for cabinet input, output and maintenance  connection.
  • Large touch screen LCD with plenty of information.
  • Independent charger for batteries, intelligent battery  management system.
  • Digital paralleling technology, very low circle current  between modules.
  • Totally front access, top and bottom cable connection.
  • Each individual modul is configured with independent  controller, avoid single point failure risk.
  • Friendly generator interface.

Plenty Of Options

  • SNMP communication card
  • Battery cold start module
  • BCB box for battery
  • Battery temperature compensation  module
  • Alarm and message module for mobile  phone