Company Profile

We began as home industry in 1979, initially producing Inverter Square-wave, D.C. Power Supply unit and later moved to U.P.S. (Uninterruptible Power Supply). All were unbranded. In 1984 P.T. PRIMA CITRA LAZUWARDI (PCL, later known as PASCAL brand) was established with specialization in the production of U.P.S., Voltage Stabilizer, and Low Voltage Transformer. In that year we secured as Enrollment (License) from the Ministry of Industry.

Formerly, our U.P.S. PASCAL had the capacity of only 300VA, 500VA, and 1KVA, and our Stabilizer 500VA, the kinds of capacity that become the market demand. One year later, the company was expanding and we produced up to 2KVA. In 1987 our U.P.S. under the brand of PASCAL being used among others in all Jagorawi Toll Gates.

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Knowledge Base


UPS provides electricity to the connected electronic equipments when the main power is out. UPS also work to stabilize voltage and/or filter out spikes, sags, surge or noise so that they won’t harm our equipments. UPS is equipped by Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) Batteries with lifetime of 2-3 years. The backup time depends on the battery and number of load. Other than SLA Battery, it also has a battery charger to automatically fill up the batteries when it runs out of charge.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: My workplace gets power disturbance from time to time. Can you give us a solution?

Since the question is very general, i am going to answer it as brief as possible. If the power disturbance is periodic blackout, you can use our PASCAL UPS. For longer blackout you can use long backup time UPS or use UPS coupled with generator set. But, if the power disturbance is over-voltage and under-voltage, you can use our PASCAL Stabilizer.

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