AEC SMR ES1948 Series

AEC SMR ES1948 Series


The Allis Electric ES1948-48V/39.6A is a switching mode rectifier (SMR) module  designed to provide up to 39.6A of output current into a 48V nominal system.  This rectifier has been designed especially to be used in conjunction with a  battery to provide an uninterruptible DC power system. The low noise and high  reliability make it ideally suited to telecommunications applications. The  rectifiers are designed to slide and plug into a single magazine-SR1948-9,  designed for a 19” rack, which can accommodate up to 9 rectifiers and up to 32  rectifiers can be configured as a system using one control and supervisory unit  (MCSU2048).

The ES1948 Switching Mode Rectifiers are highly compact, high efficiency,  fully featured switch mode rectifiers which can operate in a modular rack  environment with overall control from the control and supervisory unit MCSU2048.  With overall control, such features as active current sharing, accurate battery  voltage regulation, battery recharging current limit control, automatic battery  equalization and battery temperature compensation are achieved.

The ES1948 rectifier modules incorporate a microcontroller-based control card  which incorporates the control and supervisory facilities of the SMR. The  microcontroller enables digital communications to the MCSU2048 as well as to the  outside world (via the MCSU2048), so that is possible to examine the operating  parameters and, if necessary change them to suit a particular situation, from a  remote location, even a distant one if a modem is used. This method of  monitoring and control opens up entirely new methods of routine and emergency  maintenance procedures.

The ES1948 module has been designed for small to medium sized Rack Power  System, this highly compact rectifier module combines high reliability with  state-of-art performance and features, including:

1. Innovative single phase input stage with wide input range (90-275Vac)

2. Power factor >0.99. Sinusoidal input current. Meet EN61000-3-2.

3. High efficiency (over 92%)

4. Microprocessor based.

5. Active or passive load sharing.

6. Rear “push in to plug in” connection for AC, DC and communications  link.

7. Mass less than 1.9kg

8. Exceptional power density


Applications :

  • Telephone exchanges
  • Mobile telephone stations
  • Satellite base-stations
  • Microwave links
  • PABX
  • Rural Telecommunications
  • Railway switching controls
  • Transmission and ISDN equipment
  • Power plants
  • Airport, hospital, banks