ALP Series

ALP Series


-True Galvanic isolation design

Solve ultimately the problem of power system, including noise, lightning, and leakage current etc.


 -Protection against detaching and floating of the neutral of input power supply.

Ensure the safety and stability of the UPSpower output.
-No harms if incorrect operation

With friendly design, different from the strict operation procedure of other brands, UPS will not be damaged by any incorrect operation.



-Advanced technology DSP, IGBT and switching components

Increase the reliability and efficiency.

 -Multi-CPU design and software/hardware cooperate control

Make the system extremely high reliable.
-Plug & Play modular design

Permit quick and convenient maintenance -

Each phase with individual inverter supporting

Characteristics will not be violated under 100% unbalance load

-Intelligent charger with temperature compensation

Prolong the battery life expectancy. And with huge charging power (selectable), can charge very big capacity, long backup time battery bank.
-Intelligent, safe battery test circuitry

Test the battery without the risk of output AC failure in case battery bad. And with battery fluid leakage and improper grounding detect circuitry, can ensure safety of the battery bank.

-Intelligent fan speed control

Increase the fan life expectancy and reduce audible noise.
-Reasonable heat evacuation passage design

Control circuitry and power circuitry are physically separated. Therefore, the UPS system can operate under harsh environment
-Cool start function

Can be started without AC mains (with battery only) and no any large surge current being drawn.
-Variety of accessory (option)

Remote control panel, 3 Phase PC Monitoring software, auto dialling module, battery monitoring module, 3 Phase SNMP card, and emergency stop switch are available.

-12-Pulse full Controlled rectifier (option)

Reduce harmonic current for 80KVA and above UPS.

 -Input harmonic Filter (option)

Reduce T.H.D. (Total Harmonic Distortion) of input current

-Parallel Operation (Option)

Connect up to 8 units to increase the capacity