CLu Series

CLu Series
The PASCAL CLu Series are high performance compact UPS specially designed for home, office and workstation users to provide power protection. Designed with Boost and trim power conditioning technology, which allows voltage sags and surges to be corrected before reaching your equipment.
The PASCAL CLu Series include advanced microprocessor topology which replaces the outdated analog components. It can greatly enhances the product reliability and efficiency. The UPS also have surge protection for fax/modems.
The PASCAL CLu Series also have battery saving feature to protect batteries during unattended power loss or accidental start up occurs. In this situations where the unit detects no equipment being powered, it will automatically turn off and save battery power instead of exhausting its supply. With the outstanding cost performance design and advanced features, it is the excellent and intelligent choice for your power protection needs.
- Compact size, fits almost anywhere
- Intelligent Microprocessor Control
- Efficient line Interactive topology
- Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) design
- Overload protection and alarm
- Output short protection
- DC/Battery Start function (Cold Start)
- fax/Modems surge and spike protection
- Capacity 650VA, 850VA, 1200VA, and 1500VA
- Warranty 1 year