FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: My workplace gets power disturbance from time to time. Can you give us a solution?

Since the question is very general, i am going to answer it as brief as possible. If the power disturbance is periodic blackout, you can use our PASCAL UPS. For longer blackout you can use long backup time UPS or use UPS coupled with generator set. But, if the power disturbance is over-voltage and under-voltage, you can use our PASCAL Stabilizer.

Q: When i look at UPS brochures / leaflets, i keep seeing PF. What is PF anyway?

PF stands for power factor. The real output of an UPS is not the capacity in VA but the value is capacity (in VA) times PF. For instance: 600VA UPS with PF of 0.6 means the threshold of the UPS is 360 watts (600 multiplied by 0.6). You’re going to overload the UPS if you connect larger than 360 watts equipments to that UPS.

Q: What should i do if i find problems with PASCAL products that i have?

You can contact the dealer where you get our products for a check-up, or you can contact 9811-9624 if you are in DKI Jakarta.

For further questions, you can ask our local dealer in “contact” page