NTP Series

NTP Series

The PASCAL NTP series Line Interactive UPS are the cost effective design solution for your network server protection. The true Sine Wave output and Boost & Buck function makes this line interactive UPS a better choice than normal off-line UPS.

Added to that features, PASCAL NT Pro series have protection against overload, short circuit and overheat. With this complete protection design, easy to use and affordable price makes the PASCAL NT Pro series the best choice to protect your network server investments.


- True Sine Wave output

- Line interactive topology

- Boost and Buck design to expand input operating voltage range

- Extra wide input range (145VAC~290VAC)

- Protection for overload, short circuit and over heat

- Green Power design for saving battery life

- DC/Battery function start (Cold Start)

- Internal Battery

- Warranty 1 year

PASCAL NTP-SERIES Sine Wave Output. Line interactive Power Protection.