10KVA to 200KVA


Product Introduction

PASCAL HT33 series three phase UPS offers advanced  technology that increase performance and reliability: three high speed DSPs with  completed digital control fully ensure high quality of power supply, high input  power factor makes UPS green energy saving power. It also offers humanization  design: full front access of serviceability, user-friendly interface.

Application: ISP(Internet Service Provider), IDC(Internet Data  Center), Computing Center, Bank, Server Center, Precise equipment and etc.


1. Three phase in and out system, compatible with  utility of 380/400/415V, 50/60Hz

2. Online double conversion, offering load with  best power quality

3. Support all kinds of load, high overload  capability

4. Fully digital control with three DSPs including  IGBT rectifier, inverter, charger

5. Digital circulating current control technology,  increasing the parallel reliability

6. Wide input voltage windows, compatible with  different utilities

7. Green power technology, high input power  factor, low current THD, high efficiency

8. Intelligent battery management, extending  battery lifetime

9. Intelligent self-diagnose function, all kinds  of fault protection, large capability of history record storage

10. Full front maintenance, saving  space

11. Redundant design of power model fans,  increasing the system reliability

12. Modularized design of subsystem, convenient  field maintenance

13. High MTBF (mean time before  failure)(>200.000h), low MTTR(mean time to repair)(<0.5h)

14. Large LCD display, friendly human machine  interface

15. Configured with top and bottom cable  connection

16. All kinds of option include main back feed  protection, bypass back feed protection, battery leakage protection, battery  start kit and output isolation transformer lighting protection kit.