Switching Mode  Rectifier

With Built-in Control / Supervisory Unit  and Fan

Rackmount type RR2481  (48V/17A)

PASCAL RR2481 Switching Mode Rectifier is specially designed to  meet the current demand of international telecommunication use. The RR2481  provides a highly reliable power unit, compact design and ease to use.

PASCAL RR2481 are highly compact and efficient, fully featured  Switching Mode Rectifier (SMR) which can operate as a standalone unit in modular  rack environment since it has its own control and supervisory unit (CSU). With  overall control, such features as active current sharing accurate battery  voltage regulation, battery recharging current limit control, automatic battery  equalization and battery temperature compensation can be achieved.

PASCAL RR2481 incorporate a microprocessor based front panel  card that provides all the control and display condition of SMR. PASCAL RR2481  is also designed to fit in Rack Power System, can be mounted in a 19” and 23”  rack with the appropriate distribution to form a DC power system.


- Built in control and supervisor unit (with LCD Display)

- Microprocessor based Design

- Wide AC input range

- Power factor 0.99 at full load

- High Efficiency (over 90%)

- Soft start function

- Internal Fan (forced convection)

- Compact design

- Low Noise