PASCAL ST3100 Series

PASCAL ST3100 Series
The PASCAL STAR T3100-Series On Line UPS is designed with the  latest technology, making it distinguished by its performance and reliability.  The rectifier stage of PASCAL STAR T3100-Series implements PWM, high frequency  and power factor correction method. Therefore the input current is purely sine  wave, and power factor can be over 0.95. This UPS also have small harmonic  current drawn from the utility. All power stages are carefully designed to  optimize efficiency to save user’s operational cost.
PASCAL STAR T3100 series UPS are total high frequency, pure  online and intellectualized UPS.
They are also ideal power guarantee for file server,  enterprise server, central server, microcomputer, concentrator,  telecommunication system, data center, medical facilities and those requiring  high quality power protections. They can be widely used in many key business  areas such as post & telecom, finance, network, securities and railway,  etc.
PASCAL STAR T3100 series UPS are single-phase alternating  current input and output. Each series has two products including standard time  delay model and long time delay model.

- Truly On-line, Sine Wave output

- Microprocessor design

- Extraordinary Wide Input from 118VAC to 300VAC

- DC Cold-start

- High Input Power Factor >95%

- Power Output 1000VA, 2000VA, and 3000VA

- Galvanized Isolation Transformer (Optional)

- Warranty 1 year