Company Profile

Company Profile

We began as home industry in 1979, initially producing Inverter Square-wave, D.C. Power Supply unit and later moved to U.P.S. (Uninterruptible Power Supply). All were unbranded. In 1984 P.T. PRIMA CITRA LAZUWARDI (PCL, later known as PASCAL brand) was established with specialization in the production of U.P.S., Voltage Stabilizer, and Low Voltage Transformer. In that year we secured as Enrollment (License) from the Ministry of Industry.

Formerly, our U.P.S. PASCAL had the capacity of only 300VA, 500VA, and 1KVA, and our Stabilizer 500VA, the kinds of capacity that become the market demand. One year later, the company was expanding and we produced up to 2KVA. In 1987 our U.P.S. under the brand of PASCAL being used among others in all Jagorawi Toll Gates. The types of capacity needed were 1KVA, 1.5KVA and 2KVA (operated 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for many years), Stanvac oil company; etc. PASCAL as our brand name was subsequently granted letters of Patent by the Directorate of Patents and Copy Rights. One year letter in 1988, our PASCAL UPS of 1KVA and 2KVA was awarded a certificate from TELKOM, the State-Owned Telephone Company, and in 1989 they awarded our 5KVA as well.

We also won a project from TELKOM to supply and install U.P.S. PASCAL on their telephone central units in West Sumatra, North Sumatra, West Java, DKI Jakarta, Central Java, South Kalimantan and South Sulawesi. Our Power Supply units are also used by the Department of Education and Culture in their STM (Secondary Vocational School) Laboratories all over Indonesia. Apart from that, our U.P.S. PASCAL is included in the list of Standardized Products and recognized by the Minister Coordinator of Economic, Finance and Industry.

A good business not only provides good products, but also offers both solution and support

With the continued development of U.P.S. technology, our U.P.S. could keep pace with the progress by using P.W.M. (Pulse Width Modulation) since 1988 in the Inverter (parts of U.P.S.). As a result, our U.P.S. provides efficiency up to 80 – 85%. In the meantime, we have managed to increase the capacity up to 15KVA. With the increasing use of computer in banking system. U.P.S. PASCAL is widely used by Central Bank (Bank Indonesia), B.D.N.; BAPINDO; now as BANK MANDIRI, BII, BNI’46, Bank DANAMON, B.C.A., etc. In this instance, the U.P.S. reliability and services is the primary factor because bank data are highly sensitive as they contain record of customer’s account and the operation of ATM (Automatic Teller Machine) 24-hours on line system. Many hospital and clinical laboratories have also installed U.P.S. PASCAL, such as PELNI Hospital, Gatot Subroto Army hospital.

Along with the increasing production output, we have also improved our license status, from the Enrollment License to Registration License and later Principle License, and in 1991 we obtained a Permanent License from the Department of Industry. In early 1992 we kept expanding and became one of the manufacturing plants which was officiated by late President Soeharto in January 1992.